One of the things that makes Istanbul enticing is that it has many joys to offer, and the weather is pleasant in April. Istanbul is such a fantastic city, which is yet to be explored by adventurous people looking for new places to visit. This place is an ideal destination for all tourists; there is a lot of culture, a rich history, and tons of activities. When you stay at this site for 4 days, you will definitely get all the various treats that are around. Let the excitement of discovering the jewel among the cities take over you.

Day 1: Arrival to Istanbul and Discovering Sultanahmet

The climate of Istanbul is very pleasant at this time, just right for a smiling sun to welcome you straight after you arrive with temperatures of 15°C to 20°C. Not only does Sultanahmet play host to the old Istanbul, but it is also full of livelihood and hence the best is to begin your walking tour here.

The Hagia Sophia is, of course, the most well-known place to begin your trip. This building is such a wonder that has spent its cycle of time as a museum, a church and a mosque after centuries. It possesses a very exquisite roof and a delicate tiling that presents the courage and valour of their ancestors.

Visit the iconic and photogenic Blue Mosque and learn about its famous high minarets, and blue-tile ornamentation. Your tour will start with taking the time to enjoy the tranquil garden, then you will move to the interior to look at the wonderfully designed rooms.

The Bazaar Walk is a 6 mile one way walk that provides you with an assortment of shopping and fun and ends with a long day of hiking. Walk into the enchanting maze-like pathways with lots of precious things such as ethereal rugs and sparkling gems.

Day 2: Topkapi Palace and the Bosphorus Cruise

Clock the museum Topkapi Palace for your first activity on the itinerary. The Ottoman sultans were its former occupants, now the residence of the luxurious ones. Visit the plush bedrooms; the lush grounds full of vivid colours; the collections of rare items and intricate designs of fine jewellery. Appreciate the grandeur of this historical place and know the gossip and their anecdotes about the residents of this establishment.

After that, Topkapi Palace view is a must and don’t forget to explore the captivating Beyoglu. Istiklal Caddesi is a place that will wet your appetite for shopping, raki and galleries among other things. A visit to this section of the city is just the thing you need to relax and take pleasure in the process of people-watching and catching the most everyone else is busy going about their daily business.

Galata Tower will give you the view of the whole city as you go up in it, as the day draws on. In this place, beautiful landscapes of historical places are available for you, also with the full view of Istanbul’s skyline.

After sunset, you must take a Bosphorus boat trip, which is the most iconic activity to do in Istanbul. This noted port runs the magic if you pass through it by sailing. A view of magnificent castles, ancient churches, and adorable sea resorts can move you really. The skyline of the metropolis can be quite amazing – if it is illuminated by the fading, warm glow of the setting sun. It guarantees that you will have the essential material for a thrilling record of your travel.

To round up the day, the conclusion could be to pick one of the top-notch restaurants available there and spend pleasure time on a roof drinking the taste of Turkish dinners. As you indulge in the flavours, take in the beautiful city views of Istanbul bathed in alluring lights of the night. Try and feel alive in this wonderful atmosphere and enjoy the gastronomic delights of such a vision city.

Day 3: Exploring the Rich Ottoman Heritage 

Visit the amazing Suleymaniye Mosque to learn about Istanbul’s rich Ottoman history to start the day. Its beautiful building and peaceful surroundings give you a glimpse into the city’s royal past.

You should continue your research by going to the Spice Bazaar, which is a sensory treat full of bright colours and strange smells. As you walk through the colourful hallways, you can try a lot of different spices, drinks, and sweets.

Enjoy a traditional meyhane lunch with mezes, grilled kebabs, and rich desserts. This is a great way to try Turkish food. Don’t miss the chance to try the tasty treats from the area, such as stuffed grape leaves, spicy sweets, and creamy baklava.

During the afternoon, take a walk through the charming streets of Fatih, a historic area. The Chora Church, a real gem from the Byzantine era, is one of the nice treats you’ll find here. The tiles and paintings in this church are so beautiful that they will take your breath away.

If you want to relax and feel better after the sun goes down, go to a traditional Turkish bath. Take some time to relax by giving yourself a nice bath and a massage. It’s the perfect way to end an exciting day. 

Day 4: Exploring the Asian Side 

On the last day of your trip to Istanbul, you will use the ferry that crosses the Bosphorus and you will discover the colourful Asian side of the city. Begin your tour in Kadikoy, a place full of energy where you will find the busy markets, cute bars, and delightful sea walk at the shore.

Enjoy an amazing trip in the public streets of Moda while you can find a huge variety of shops selling things from various fields, craft studios and trendy restaurants with the support of pedestrian areas. When you visit, you should resort to your appetising options that of course are found within the city. The breads, the simit that is newly baked during your temporary stay, and the gentle Turkish ice cream are before you.

After giving your farewell to Istanbul, spend some time reflecting all the memories that your four-day trip will bring about. Istanbul has made such an impression on you that you don’t only want to experience the enchantment of the city again but also everything that you found out about Sultanahmet like the exciting history and delicious cuisine of Beyoglu combined with the peaceful maritime areas near the coastline.